Internship at MIC Nepal


Internship at MIC Nepal is one of the best experience I have ever got in my life. Learning new things about technology is what I love and here at MIC Nepal I have got that opportunity. I have learn GIT, the basic of Xamarin forms and a little about the cross platform development. Similarly short presentation workshop has really helped us a lot. The environment is really good and colleagues are really friendly and helpful. I am very much interested to learn more in .net framework and cross platform application development and expecting to learn more about them.

This post was actually posted on October 21, 2016.

Start blogging for the first time

This is the first time I am writing a blog. I was totally unaware about what blogs are and why people writes blog. But after studying some post of Mr. Geshan Manandhar blogs, it actually energizes me for writing blogs. I think writing blog is very cool thing. Blogging helps you to share what you think about something, your feeling, thoughts and things you know about.

In my blogs, I think I will be writing about things and technologies that I know. Some tutorials of programming languages as well as technologies, software, hardware and many things including Song’s chords as well, as I play some guitar’s too ;).

Thank you !!